Some helper classes for Android

We’ve been separating out some useful stuff from our games into an SDK, it’s very much a work in progress but this stuff is available on Github at

This is our first version of it so there may be some rough edges as it’s been extracted from our games.

It includes:

  1. a tasteful rating prompt with yes / no / never that you can include in your game
  2. social media handlers for twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+ and emailing games including icons and a button class you can use, these will all try and use the apps and fallback to web browser based sharing
  3. google analytics via haxe-ga
  4. crosspromotion stuff you can adapt to use inside / across your own games very easily
  5. proper link handling for Amazon, Play and NOOK appstores
  6. a way for customers to email you for support including game and device information

Contributions and improvements are welcome.