[SOLVED] Using barcode extensions - JNI has no field createStaticMethod

I’m trying to create a simple demo android application that will scan barcodes using the camera.

On compilation im getting this error:
lib/zbar/git/ZBar.hx:82: characters 32-54 : Class<lime.utils.JNI> has no field createStaticMethod

I’ve followed the instructions, after clonning i used
lime rebuild zbar android

This is the extension:

any ideas what is going wrong there?

That extension will only work in Legacy mode at the moment until JNI is added to the latest version of Lime.

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This works great, thank you!
Is there any documentation for the differences?

OpenFL and OpenFL legacy both target the same API (by and large), mostly, the new OpenFL is more portable, easier to maintain, and has access to Lime API features which legacy does not. If -Dlegacy makes your project work for now, stick with that and we’ll keep nailing any to-do items remaining to make the flag unneeded :slight_smile:

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BTW, Lime does have the JNI class now

Saw that in the last update, did not have the chance to test it, will update as soon as i will. :lemon:

I wonder whether the barcode SDK I am testing these days can help with the related barcode scanning work. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.