[solved] Project.xml: assets type="template" error

I’m having this error when I try to build for flash output:
Error: SWF Library not found : bin/flash/release/obj/assets.swf
It happens when I put this line in project.xml:
<assets path="structure.json" type="template" />
(using the template type, no other assets tags bring me errors)

anyone knows? I don’t have any assets.swf in my project.

What are you trying to do here? As far as I know, there’s no file named structure.json for you to override.

Did you mean to include structure.json as an asset in your game? If so, try <assets path="structure.json" type="text" />.

If you really do want to use it as a template, try <template path="structure.json" /> and see if that helps.


Thanks, it worked.
I didn’t want to embed the json, but to copy it to the deploy folder. It was working only with html, but not with flash. Now using template tag it worked fine. Thanks!
(actually I don’t know the difference between using “asset” tag with “template” type or using “template” tag)

Me neither, to be honest. I think they’re supposed to be the same, but since most people use <template />, that’s the one that’s less likely to have bugs.

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