[SOLVED] Openfl 4.1+ and FGL Enhance

Did anyone managed to get the fgl-enhance-lib working on openfl 4.1+?

Enhance relies on “android-support-v4”.
While extension-googleplaygames dropped the deprecated android-support-v4 and is using “extension-googleplayservices-basement” instead.

I cant figure out how to “find a common ground” for both to run in 4.3.

Could you provide a link? I can’t find this library on Haxelib or GitHub.

Its not on Haxelib and the git-repository is hidden.

They offer a service of “wrapping” an uploaded apk with different sdks(analytics/admob/heyzap/…)

Direct link:

It is possible to link this lib into the project. Placeholder-Messages indicate that it would work.
But once uploaded/“enhancing” the apk, it fails. Probably because of the different implementation(expectations) of the service libs.

Do i make sense? Kinda hard to describe the whole process.
Was hoping someone already worked with enhance and 4.1+.

Else i just stay <=4.0.

I don’t see any references to this. Are you sure it’s required?


Ah, so it adds the dependency later on? That’s annoying.

If you can edit the wrapped version, try switching over to my library.

My appology, i messed up.
I ment it requires the deprecated “android-support-v4”.
Sorry for the confusion -.-

That explains it. Fortunately, my library supports this as well:

<haxelib name="google-play-services" />
<set name="support-v4" />

Is it possible to combine your lib with “extension-googleplaygames” but without the requirement of “googleplayservices-basement” which it normaly would depend on?

(Or any other lib who offers google play functionality like highscores/lederboards)

extension-googleplaygames has already been updated to use my library. It still lists lib-googleplayservices-basement as a dependency, but that’s only used for backwards compatibility.

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Thanks for all the input player_03!

Finally i got it working with openfl 4.3 your google-play-services and also extension-googleplaygames!
Awesome and Thanks again for all the help!