[SOLVED] [macOS - OpenFL 3.6.1 - Lime 2.9.0 - Flixel 4.3.0] Source std.dylib does not exist

UPDATE FOR FUTURE READERS: I managed to solve this. What I had to do is recompile the hxcpp library for myself. You can follow the instructions here: https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/hxcpp#building

Hello! I am having troubles building for macOS with any of the HaxeFlixel example projects. macOS complains about a dylib missing, but I am not sure why. I am using outdated versions of OpenFL and Lime as mandated by HaxeFlixel. All I get is this:

~/Projects/EZPlatformer$ lime build mac
Error: Source path "/usr/local/lib/haxe/lib/hxcpp/3,4,188/bin/Mac64/std.dylib" does not exist

Is there any solution to this? Building for Neko, Flash and HTML5 works fine and dandy. It is only the native target that fails. My macOS version is 10.12.6

Thanks for helping out in advance!


I am having the same problem almost a year later now and no one has answered this… wow

I am getting this error:
Error: Source path "/usr/local/lib/haxe/lib/hxcpp/4,0,4/bin/Mac64/std.dylib" does not exist

Did you try the pretzelhands solution? He edited his OP.

Do you have a link by any chance?

he updated the original post with it ^

Try lime rebuild hxcpp mac && lime rebuild hxcpp mac -static