[Solved] Lib.getURL does not work!

hi! I’m working on porting an old flash project to OpenFl, everything works very well but it seems getURL method does not work on both desktop and android devices
My code: Lib.getURL(new URLRequest (“my link”));

I’m using the latest version of openfl!

Any help would be appreciated!

It works with html5 output but I have no link opening when debugging with Neko and Android devices!

This was reported a while ago, and I think Joshua is still looking for that perfect fix. In the meantime, you can try legacy mode:

<set name="openfl-legacy" />

(Add this above your <haxelib /> tags.)

Thanks, it worked and the text field errors are also solved when adding this tag. I also noticed that the keycode for handling back button on Android is 1073742094 not 27 as it used to before!