[SOLVED] Languages on Android


I have 2 apps in the store. For the first, the app store shows me that the apk is translated to 74 languages. The second is not translated at all.

I translated my apk to 2 languages. But how can I tell openfl that I did and which languages so that it is displayed correctly in the app store?


The Play Store looks at your res/ folder to see what languages you support. If the folder only contains a values/ folder, it will assume your game only supports English. If there’s a values-es/ folder, the Play Store will also assume your game supports Spanish.

Assuming Spanish is the game’s second language, here’s what you’d do. First, make a folder in your project named “templates” (this isn’t strictly necessary, but it helps organize). Second, make a file named “strings-es.xml” and save it in templates. Third, add this to strings-es.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Yeah, you aren’t actually using the file to store data. Maybe you will later, but for now, the point is to have a file in the values-es/ folder. Speaking of which, the last step is to add this to project.xml:

<template path="templates/strings-es.xml" rename="res/values-es/strings.xml" />

Nice and easy, thank you!