[SOLVED] Issue building for Android

Hi all,

I’m totally new to OpenFL, please be patient.

I successfully created an Android development environment using

openfl setup android

Then I generated an example application in order to test my setup.

openfl create PiratePig


openfl test android

results in the following error:

[aapt] Generating resource IDs…
[aapt] W/asset (10385): Asset path /home/andrea/src/PiratePig/Export/android/bin/deps/extension-api/${project.target.android.jar} is neither a directory nor file (type=1).
[aapt] ERROR: Asset package include ‘/home/andrea/src/PiratePig/Export/android/bin/deps/extension-api/${project.target.android.jar}’ not found.

Am I missing something obvious?

I’m on Ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks in advance,

Ok, I fixed the issue reinstalling Android SDK API 16. Sorry for the noise.