[SOLVED]Installation Openfl Error

Hello everyone,
I tried to install Openfl (after installation of haxe and neko). When i enter haxelib install openfl i have the following error message: haxelib Repository c:\Program Files \stencyl\plat\haxe\lib does not exist. please run haxelib setup again . Any help plz.

try to check where you have set haxelib path run:
haxelib config on cmd

and if it is not where it was supposed to be run the following statement on cmd:
haxelib setup directory\to\where\it\was\supposed\to\be

then you can finally run:
haxelib install lime

and carry on with the getting started http://www.openfl.org/documentation/getting-started/installing-openfl/

then enjoy openfl

If you copy-pasted this error - there is a space after “Program Files”, maybe that is what causes problems?

Thank you for your relpy. I was able to install it. But when i run haxelib run openfl setup, I have the following–> [file_contents,C:\Program Files \Stencyl\plaf\haxe\lib/openfl//.current]

Thank you so much. I’ve now successfully install Openfl.

What did you do to fix it?
One day a guy might have the exact same problem as yours.
And your post would help. Also if you could edit the title and put solved at the beginning it would be great for those busy programmers to not waste time loading and browsing through a solved case… Thankyou

There was a stencyl file (C:\Program Files \Stencyl\plaf\haxe\lib/openfl//.current) in my C drive ,which was causing the conflicts during the installation. All i did was to navigate to the location of the file(stencyl file) and then deleted it.Afterward i re-follow the installation procedure for openfl and everything went normal.