[SOLVED] How to rebuild Lime (legacy) binaries after a change in NME

Hello everyone,

I had to make a small modification to NME, and so far, I’m sure quite sure I rebuilt lime-legacy AND nme properly.

I’m good with nme-dev and nme haxelib install, I’m using a very recent git lime version.
The thing is, that I’m quite not sure how the nme lib is included within the lime-legacy rebuild process.

Can you give me some inputs please?


The NME and Lime repositories parted ways a while ago. Intentionally, though, the code is kept similar to the NME repository, we’re not trying to create unneeded confusion, but this frees up NME to move forward and innovate without worrying about breaking Lime legacy. It also helps us change this only when we want to, and allow it to stay stable.

The other benefit, there’s no dependency other than having a Lime repository properly checking out (include git submodule init && git submodule update)

NME and nme-dev are not used for Lime legacy. You’ll want to make a similar change in “lime/legacy/project” before running “lime rebuild linux -Dlegacy” (or whichever target you build for)

Thanks @singmajesty for the prompt reply !
That makes lot of sense now and explains why my code modification doesn’t work properly :smile:
The thing that is tricky, is that on that page : https://github.com/openfl/lime documentation is not quite updated.

I’m going to make the change to the right place and hopefully send you a pull request a bit later.