[Solved] Getting Starling working

Hi, I’m trying to get Starling working in haxe (targeting flash), but because we need to use filters (e.g. blur filter) we’re using a starling.swc as3 library rather than Pete Shand’s excellent haxe-starling port.

I have it compiling well, Starling initialising properly and creating its display list, but nothing is showing on screen. Not even the Starling stats in the top left. Possibly a GPU setting wrong somewhere?

Would love to know if anyone has managed to get Starling working this way and how they did it. Otherwise we’re going to have to drop haxe altogether :tired_face:

Here’s what I have so far… https://github.com/chichilatte/haxe-as3-starling-test

Note: I’ve tested the haxe-starling library, it works great apart from the filters.

Urgh, I forgot to start Starling with the line…


Case closed :smile: