[Solved] Getting a '"flash " is an unknown target' error


I upgraded OpenFL yesterday, and now when I try to test for the flash platform I get this error message:

Error: "flash " is an unknown target```

The version reported by the command line tool is OpenFL Command-Line Tools (2.2.8-LNLqsG).

I then ran `haxlib upgrade` which upgraded OpenFL to 3.0.0-beta-LNLqsG, but still no flash taget.

Any ideas what can be causing this?

That is very strange, does it happens for other targets (neko, html5, windows/mac/linux)?

It compiles for Mac without any problems, it seems to be just the flash platform.

Removing openfl and lime, and reinstalling version 2.2.8 of OpenFL and version 2.1.3 of lime fixed it.

Are you sure both Lime and OpenFL were up-to-date? Does “lime test flash” work?

Now lime test flash works, but I’ve fixed it meanwhile, so I’m not sure if it did before.