[SOLVED] externalInterface vs jquery

I’ve noticed strange problem with jquery (html5 target)

I use jquery inside generated html5 index file.
All of the jquery part works fine except externalinterface callback:

For example:


ExternalInterface.addCallback("my_function_1", my_function_2);

Index HTML:

$( "#some_element" ).click(function() {			
	document.getElementById('openfl-content').my_function_1(); // this one works fine

	$("#openfl-content").my_function_1(); // this one doesn’t work


Does anyone have any idea why externalinterface doesn’t work in cooperation with external js library?

I hope some of you is more familiar with js libraries.

Perhaps this is a timing issue? Do you load JQuery before, or after, your application.js in the header of your HTML file?

Thanks for your idea ‘singmajesty’. I tested it and unfortunately it wasn’t a timing issue.
But the fact that nobody can see any problem in the code, pointed me in the right direction - the problem resides in jQuery language itself. It turned out that jQuery just needs some additional trick in order to work with externalInterface.

So here is my solution:

Instead of this:


// error: “$(…).my_function_1 is not a function”

It should be this:


or this:


It is also clever to put the whole code inside “document ready” function (although it is not the essence of the matter):

$(document).ready(function() {    // wait for DOM to be ready
        $( "#some_element" ).click(function() {


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