[solved] Details of Actuate tween

I would like to check whether a tween I’m using has completed. Is there way check on progress, or completion?

I’ve looked through the actuate code, but nothing leapt out.

var us:Sprite = new Sprite();
var there:Float = 256;
var areWeThereYet:Bool = false;

Actuate.tween(us, 50, {x:there}).onComplete(function():Void {
    areWeThereYet = true;

Thanks for that, I was aware of onComplete, but I don’t think I can use it in the way I want. I need to be able to overwrite the original tween using an awareness of the currently incomplete tween:

// psuedo code
var t:Tween; // I think this maybe simpleActuator...
var l:Float = 1;

if (t.inProgress)
l += t.timeRemaining;

 t = Actuate.tween(sprite, l, {x:newX, y:newY});

I’m fairly certain there must be properties of the tween that can be used in this way, but I can’t see precisely how to make it work.


To get the time remaining, just rearrange those values a bit:

var timeRemaining:Float = duration - (currentTime - timeOffset);

Also, replace “currentTime” with “Lib.getTimer() / 1000.”

Thanks @player_03.

But, I’m not 100% sure what you’re suggesting.

All the variables in the SimpleActuator class are private - so is your idea to modify it?

also, I’ve not been able to use a variable to access the tween

var tween:SimpleActuator


var tween:GenericActuator

refuses to work for me… although I guess that isn’t the root of this problem.

//tween() returns a SimpleActuator unless you specifically tell it not to,
//so an unsafe cast is fine here.
var tween:SimpleActuator<Sprite, Sprite> = cast Actuate.tween(sprite, l, {x:newX, y:newY});

//In Haxe, it's really easy to get around privacy restrictions.
var timeRemaining:Float = tween.duration - (Lib.getTimer() / 1000 - tween.timeOffset);