[SOLVED] Can i delete old update of OPENFL, LIME, HAXE?

this is something that is the OCD person in me.

i like to keep things tidy, if i dont need it, or if its not being used at all, i get rid. same i do with software.
actually HAXE/OPENFL is the only thing i have really installed on my computer, that and xcode and sublime, plus a different text editor im trying to make a hAXE plugin for so i can not use sublime. just to strat again using only HAXE/OPENFL :wink:

but in my usr/lib/etc etc folder there are saf 2,4,0 forLIME and 3,0,4 for OPENFL, and i have the more updated versions
so is it wise to delete these older versions? whilst they are not taking a great deal of space, i can imagine, because new versions come pretty quick, that they just start taking up space when not needed.

thanks :wink:

yes you can.

if you want to make it easier you can use a library

haxelib install clearlibs

and whenever you want to clean your library from old versions execute

sudo haxelib run clearlibs

it is interactive so you see what will be deleted
and anyway you can install older version whenever you want thru

haxelib install library version

see ya


fantastic. brilliant. thats even better than going in myself through the folders :wink:

You can also haxelib remove openfl 1.0.0 if I remember the command :slight_smile:

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