[Solved] Bitmap distortion IOS

When I publish openfl projects for IOS on my brand new MacBook pro with everything updated, the bitmap images get distorted. All jpg images shows up as black screens, while png images get distorted in a weird way (they only shows some colors and very pixelated)

This happens on all projects, my own and also the openfl samples. I have published the same project to Android and html5 without problems (from a pc). Weird thing is that this doesnt happen on every device. It works on iphone 6, ipad Air and Ipad/iphone reseizable (in simulator) Ive tested on both simulator and on devices.

Have anyone else experienced the same thing? Can anyone help me with a solution please? I have a client waiting for it to get published.
I’ve gotten hold of an old macbook with Lion OSX installed, i will try to install everything there to see if I can publish from that one.

Any suggestion will be very appreciated!

What version of haxe, lime and openfl do you have?

If you are using the latest versions did you try with -Dhybrid (openfl test ios -Dhybrid) or -Dlegacy?

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Wow, thank you so much, -Dhybrid solved it! That saved me a lot of trouble.
But what do Dhybrid actually do? And I have the latest versions installed, yes.

Thanks again though!

Openfl changed its source code to a full haxe over lime (which changed too) since the version 3,
it still has a couple of features that aren’t exactly like before.

You can tell openfl to use its old code with -Dlegacy, you’ll get the same features working the same way as before and even a couple of bug fix, old openfl and old lime.

-Dhybrid is between the two, it allows you to have things working the same way (like legacy) but over the new lime, which allows you to get some of its improvements.

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