[ SOLVED ] Audio Soundtransform Panning Issue targeting Neko

Hi all,

I’m currently converting a complete software from As3 to Haxe with Native target in mind

I have an issue on audio SoundTransform pan targeting Neko. Panning on Mono OGG audio
files works but not on stereo ( no panning ) … Flash target works fine using MP3 files with
both mono and stereo audio files.

Sound like a bug … any input on this ?

Thanks for your help

As I understand, this is a limitation of OpenAL, stereo files play in both audio channels and do not pan, but if someone wants to research more, the issue/solution would be OpenAL-specific :slight_smile:

Thx for your feedback, indeed seems OpenAL have a channel approch …

So I will have to play with two mono files to be able to pan a stereo sound :smile:

Thank you :wink: