Soft-keyboard under Windows

Hi. I’m having trouble getting the soft-keyboard to present itself at all under Windows, when an input TextField gets focus.

I’m testing this on a Microsoft Surface Book in Tablet mode. I’ve tried Neko, Windows, Flash and HTML5 targets, with no success. My ultimate target is HTML5 though.

This is a snippet of the relevant code. My TextField does get focus (as indicated by the border made visible when touched), it’s just not activating the Windows soft-keyboard. Is there something I’m doing incorrectly?

function init():Void
	inputText = new TextField();
	inputText.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;
	inputText.width = 1015;
	inputText.height = 53;
	inputText.backgroundColor = 0xF2F2F2;
	inputText.opaqueBackground = 0xF2F2F2;
	inputText.borderColor = 0x014086;

	inputText.needsSoftKeyboard = true;
	inputText.addEventListener(FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN, focusIn);
	inputText.addEventListener(FocusEvent.FOCUS_OUT, focusOut);		


private function focusIn(e:FocusEvent):Void 
	inputText.border = true;

private function focusOut(e:FocusEvent):Void 
	inputText.border = false;

I found this online:

In Windows 8/8.1, the only was for the on-screen keyboard to automatically pop-up when the user taps on a field (like the URL field in IE) is in a Metro/Modern UI application. If user is using a standard x86/x64 app from the desktop in “desktop mode”, the keyboard will not pop-up automatically. I believe Microsoft programmed this on purpose because they believed if you are in the desktop mode, you must be using a keyboard and mouse because the desktop mode is unfriendly is touch screens.

There is no way to get the on-screen keyboard to pop-up in the desktop mode without manually bringing it up.

Now, there are several 3rd party applications on the web, like the one I posted, that DOES add this functionality to the desktop.
You would need to download and install them in order to use their functionality.

Without a 3rd party application, the on-screen keyboard will have to be manually activated in the desktop mode

We do not do Windows Universal Applications, but its been on my list for a while. I know someone who already has a working template, we would just need to add it to Lime templates and Lime tools to work

Ah right. Thanks for that. We have control of the tablets in this set up, so a 3rd party app enabling soft-keyboard pop-up may sort it out for us.

Thanks again.