Socket connection fails with Connection Failed with win64, hxcpp debug

I am unable to set up a debug environment with hxcpp. In hxcpp, I was able to initialize my program and perform a Socket request but the program closes abruptly after a call to openfl.display.Loader. It isn’t clear if this crash occurs in some asynchronous processing implemented in openfl.display.Loader or in some other execution, because in debug mode, the program also terminates after an error in Socket, whereas the behavior in Flash after an error is caught, is that the application window does not terminate.

  1. Is the behavior of Lime to terminate the application Window if no other (user code) execution is taking place? I expected that there is an implicit render loop that is occurring. This isn’t that important of a question, because fundamentally it is critical and mode productive that I can establish a verbose debugging workflow.

In order to debug, I am attempting to setup a hxcpp debugger or get some sort of productive verbose error stack tracing from Openfl/Lime on Window Termination.

In enabling hxcpp debugging definitions, the no longer works. It just says Connection Failed. In addition, pressing the Run button in VSCode with the vscode/hxcpp-debugger ( doesn’t do anything. For the non-debug build, it ran the program. With the debug build exe, nothing happens.

The following are the questions:

  1. Why would Socket fail in debug mode?
  2. Are there additional more detailed instructions to setup vscode debugging? The program specifies: Failed to connect to vsc debugger server at at the beginning

Does it work if you use both and openfl.display.Loader? Perhaps there is a threading issue when using Socket directly?

openfl.display.Loader uses libcurl under the hood in a background thread in order to perform networking