Smoother Scaling

One of the things I’ve noticed with my game is that when I scale one of my main sprites down (by 10% increments,) all its children begin to look grainy. Although I would assume this is to be expected in some form, I’m curious if there is a different “scale mode” I could use to make the scaling a bit more smooth. I keep reading about setting “smoothness=true” but can’t for the life of me figure out where this variable is.

I’m using OpenFL 3.6.1 (though hopefully not for much longer!) I’ve tried messing with vsync and antialiasing properties of the window xml (in project.xml) among a couple of other things, but haven’t had much success yet.

EDIT: OK, so apparently the “smoothness” variable is on the Bitmap class. Since I’m using Tilesheets and Sprites, I’m not sure how that applies to what I’m doing.

Never mind, I figured it out. There’s a “smoothness” parameter on the drawTiles function for Graphics. Man, how did I miss that one for so long?


If you update to Tilemap/TileArray, there’s also a smooth property there, too :slight_smile:

Great! I’ll have to keep that in mind.