Slow perfomance on Android

I have rebuilt some old project with the latest OpenFL version and just noticed that it started working much slower.
I mean, I have two versions of the game on the same phone, old version and new version, and while old version is working smooth, new version is lagging a lot.
Are there any tricks or modifications I should do to make it work fast again? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Same here.
For me it started with openfl 6.2.0 ( not sure if not updating haxe 3.4.2 played a role in that) .

6.1.2 works fine.

Oh, thanks for letting me know, @Vega, I’ll try 6.1.2!
What Lime version goes with it?

I am using 5.5.0.
5.6.0 wants afair openfl 6.2.0

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Don’t know why, by reverting to older version didn’t help, game still lagging. :frowning:

I’ve tried

addChild (new openfl.display.FPS ());

and while I get steady ~30 FPS on Flash I only get 4-9 FPS on Android, very weird.

In 6.2.0 my few particles (Bitmap/Sprites) do have alpha but a slow performance.
In 6.1.2 they got no alpha but the performance is good.

Still, in older versions, i did had both on android, alpha and a good performance.

I do have lots of alpha, will do more experiments, maybe find out the main cause of slow performance.

What do you use for alpha? Is this a color transform? Filter? A feature such as alpha should have worked a long time ago, or do you use a bitmapData.draw or other API?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve found the problem.
I use GlowFilter for text to make it with outline.
With filter turned off, FPS is stable 30.
Also, lots of text on screen, even without Filter, drops FPS to 20.

Are there any way to make a nice text outline with out using filters? :slight_smile:

Im using a modified SpritesParticleRenderer.hx in zame-haxe-particles.
He is using ColorMatrixFilter.

Oh, gotcha

ColorMatrixFilter runs in software currently, but there are workarounds currently for applying the same effect using a custom shader