Slow perfomance after work in backround on android

Hello, i have openfl project. All libraries are updated to last versions, build in legacy mode. When the app is put in background i set framerate to 1, stop all sounds, proccess and listeners. On Android devices after return to foreground app has decrease perfomances for some time.
After 30 sec in bg mode = ~5 sec slowdown… 1 min = ~10-15 sec slowdown…
Run app (Red line - FPS, green columns - delta time between frames) :

After bg mode:

After few seconds:

Somebody faced with this problem?

Hmm, I’m not sure, perhaps there are textures that are no longer in memory, or if you are playing sound, it may have something to do with the resume logic for sound, or maybe it has something to do with how your project handles the pause/resume logic. Does it stop, then use a delta time to handle the resume? Do you use something like Actuate.pauseAll/Actuate.resumeAll?