Skeletoraxe improvements ( Drawing with beginBitmapFill )

Hello everyone,
I continue to improve Skeletoraxe and for this one I use a méthod like BLIT (similar ).
With the old method used with Skeletoraxe I created a Sprite for each bitmap and now I would like all BitmapsData from de same animation are designed on only one Sprite. So I use “beginBitmapFill” and I get improved performance on old computers( from 20 fps to 30 fps ).

I have only a BitmapData and a Matrix (ex : bitmap.transform.matrix = myMatrix).

Below you can see how I do in my code but I still have a lot of repositioning and cutting problems: (myBitmapData, myMatrix, false, true); (myMatrix.tx, myMatrix.ty, myBitmapData.width * myMatrix.a, myBitmapData.height
myMatrix.d );

Do you have a real way to apply the Matrix to my BitmapData using beginBitmapFill?

Have you considered using Tilelayer? It’s designed to do this for you, with the added bonus that it falls back to regular bitmaps on platforms that don’t support drawTiles().

Tilelayer uses Tilesheet.
I’ve tried using Tilesheet but I do not know how I should apply my Matrix :frowning:

Maybe can inspire you “:)”

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That’s why I suggested Tilelayer.

At the very least, you could use it for reference.