Single file for SWF images?


I would like to ask please, what are the options available to use a single file for all images and animation available in swf file? so that in HTML5, only a single file is downloaded instead of downloading so many images from the server.

Thanks for details, can you please send me a doc link about openfl process command?

Also what’s that new animate format? Any docs please?

Is Adobe animate the only solution available to produce swf file?

The bundle zipped is still unreleased on haxelib for what I know, so be patient for a doc. I don’t use it yet personally.

The openfl process command exists for a long time since it is the command behind exporting all assets from a swf.

I’m also willing to use something else than Adobe Animate to mockup and make simple animations or state buttons. I think the new Timeline API will allow to make an editor easier by the community.

I started to mockup with xml with my own library and I would like to make an editor myself for it. But it’s a lot of work and my lib isn’t really well designed, so I won’t put any reference to the repo here yet :sweat_smile:.