SimplSWFLayout does wierd things on resize in html

Hi, I was țrying to make a simple project based on the layout library. In swf target everything worked fine, however in html, tge layout changes, when resizing the window, went horribly wrong.
I tried to download @player_03 's [advancedlayout] [1], but it gave the same results in html target.
What’s wrong?


It’s been that way for a while, It’s something to do with setting an object’s width and height properties.

Is there something that can be done? Is it something to do with Lime’s implementation?

Looks like the scaleX and scaleY properties work. I’ve updated my library to use those in HTML5. (Updated on Git, not Haxelib.)

Disclaimer: I’m still on OpenFL 2.2.8, so there may be new problems that I don’t know about.

I can confirm that this is a regression since 3.1.2, there was a change in the world transform code. We’ll revert to the previous behavior, or try and find how to solve this case, by the next release :slight_smile:

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Fixed, we’ll take a look at those scrollRect improvements again a bit later. Thanks again for bringing this up!

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