Simplest server client interaction problem

Been trying a lot of haxelib libs for this but can’t seem to find a non blocking way to have a control app (openfl windows target) sending simple Strings to a (openfl flash target) app that simply should be playing some videos on call.
I am using keys to start the events but was building an haxeui app to do this instead of having my keyboard live wired on the flash side. What is the simplest way to send strings, that doesn’t block (while true loops…), please help. Kind of at whits end here :slight_smile: sorry.

hxnet posts random chars for the same exact sent string, baffling. Either that or am going about it very misguided.

you should look how haxeui did with websockets in haxeui-remote code,
there is something with perl-proxy that wrapped around flashplayers-raw-sockets here -> that maybe could help to ( but its old and may there more elegant way to avoid blocking on cpp windows-target today)

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Thank you maitag.
I got some results by trying lib haxe-ws out, I got the .swf to connect to echotool.exe and it echo back but trying to connect to the .swf from openfl cpp target compile got me a flash sandbox violation, odd because echotool.exe reply doesn’t set that off.
I will look at haxe-ui remote today, though I know little about perl, maybe I can get something going. I actually talked to the haxeui-remote dev already and he says he is to open it up for calls so that one can extend functionality in a “easy” way so that Strings could be sent over it. Soonish, he is deep in dev right now with version 2 of haxe-ui in alpha.