[Showcase] Orbitation- game

Let me introduce you to my game Orbitation. It was made with box2d and Haxe (openFL).
I wanted to create hardcore oldschool ragdoll game, Hope you like it!



reminds me of Happy Wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fun game !
You should add keyboard shortcut for restart and next level so we don’t have to move the hand to mouse, making the game more fluid I think!

29 sec for the “impossible” level, is that good :slight_smile: ?

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it is impossible :smiley: !

I’ve never finished this below 40 sec. Just wow! :smile:

Im really happy that you enjoy my game!

Any tips for someone who’s just starting out with box2d?
Did you go by any tutorial specifically for Haxe or have you worked with it before?

I’m yet to manage to get by level 1…
It’s really tricky!
Could do with a quick restart :slight_smile:

box2d is “the same” for flash and haxe so you can make use of plenty great tutorials. You only need to remember about a few haxe <-> flash differences like Float <-> Number, or slightly different array creation.

For example: http://www.emanueleferonato.com/category/box2d - lot of well explained examples.