[Showcase] Mimic Rush - Casual game

I’ve been working for a while (in the spare time) on this game of mine and finally the first version is released!

It is a simple, but clever, casual game I’ve developed to learn Haxe and OpenFL.
The idea is based on Trid from Kenney but all the contents are my hard work.

You can check it out the website http://akifox.com/mimicrush to know more and download the game
FREE Windows, Mac and Linux
PAID Android (published) and iOS (waiting for review)

Let me know what you think, I would really appreciate some feedback from other developers.

See ya

PS: It uses OpenFL 2 and my open source libraries:

  • akifox-transform (for all the transformations)

  • akifox-asynchttp (to fetch the scoreboard server)

  • plik (the custom engine to handle scene transition, garbage collection, sound, etc etc…)


Great game, I really like the highscore system :slight_smile: I’ve got to try out this transforms lib of yours :smile:

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Thank you,
I’m quite proud of the high score system (I was talking about that in this thread), now it needs just two more things:

  1. More players! It is supposed to show something like a gaussian curve, but right now it is just a graph…
  2. Better graphic design: some players don’t really understand the graph and what exactly the bars mean. I’ve tried adding a X and Y labels but I think it is not enough.

About the transformation library, try it out. Basically it handles the pivot point seamless and offers all the basic transformations (absolute and relative rotation, scale, flip, skew and translation); every property it is also compatible with Actuate.

Hi there.

Just loaded it onto my Samsumg Galaxy S2. Here’s my impression.

  • Loads great. Quickly.
  • Not a fan of the music. Bit tinny. Hurts the ears a bit.
  • Really like the help screen / tutorial. Nice fades.
  • Great looking overall design. Fonts / layout / coloring works together well.
  • Very responsive
  • The tutorial is great - very well made - but I’m not sure it’s necessary ? It’s sort of obvious what you need to do, don’t you think ?
  • Yeah, the constant pop-ups are a bit of a bummer. Even though it’s very cool from a ux standpoint

Overall a great game - Looks like something I could easily see myself playing to kill time. Professionally made, good looking, original concept, easy to play. Just gotta change the music in my opinion. And I would also loose the pop-ups …

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Thanks mike, very interesting feedback.

Actually I have to really thank you because you are probably the first buyer and your impressions are very worthy!

The music is quite lame. Sadly I think you are right. I’ve put my best effort on BFXR but as obvious I am not as good as a musician (this is not the first negative feedback on that).
I would look around for something better (I have quite a few musicians friends) and I would definitely change it. I’ve heard that music for so long during production (yes I know there is a switch to turn it off) that my brain completely ignore it now.

The tutorial: in my idea it has to be a bit sarcastic, now it is just “talking to kids”, and yes maybe I could loose it a bit and make it quicker.
I’ve made it because I wanted the player to be informed of all basic info (like what is the circle next to the score?) when he plays the first time. After that it never annoy the player again unless you don’t press the question mark button.
Thanks for the compliments on the UX but I get your advice and I will try to make it a bit faster.
I’ve deliberately omitted few tricks I think the player will get after a while (i.e. you don’t need to tap, you could also swipe to tap more than one tile… or on desktop you can use the keyboard from Q to C to tap the pad).

PS: I am very happy it is responsive and working great because I’ve never tested the app on an Android device. I had issues with the rendering on the emulator (blank screen :frowning:) but I was quite confident no issue would arise. About this I have to say OpenFL (the spaghetti monster bless @singmajesty and Haxe) are absolutely GREAT! deploying on android with NO real testing and no problem whatsoever. This is absolutely amazing! (anyway I would test it myself in these days on some friend’s android devices)

My pleasure on the feedback. It’s nice to see what can be done with OpenFL. I agree with you - It looks like a great library !

Regarding music - Why don’t you check out some royalty free stuff online ? I’ve come across a ton of great stuff for cheap - like 20 dollars.

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Thanks to your feedback I’ve updated the app. (version 1.1 released)

@mike1101 If you can update thru Google Play and tell me if everything is working you will make me a big favour :wink:

hey yupswing.

updated fine. works well :slight_smile:

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brilliant. thanks a lot mate.

happy to say that finally (after 12 days) the game is on the Apple Store.

I’m already scared about that when I will update the app -_-