[Showcase][LD#34] What game did you do?

Hi everyone!

So ludum dare is over and it’s time to play and rate games!

What did you do guys ? I want to play your games!

We did a little webgl rythm game with openfl 3.4 and lime 2.7 and it runs pretty well :
Barber Chop

What do you think ?

I’m trying to make a mobile version but it crash with lime 2.8 sadly, I’ll have to check why ^^

Show your games!


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Awesome game, especially love the voice effects :slight_smile:

I made a game with HaxeFlixel, Exttach

I just added a comment for your game to be added to the Haxe Ludum Dare 34 roundup. If anyone more made an LD game, please go ahead and post about it here as well:

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