[Showcase] [Game] Magic Carpet, an action (shoot 'em up) game for android & iOS

Hello all,

I just developed my second mobile game.

Is an old-school soot 'em up, where you control the flying carpet, trying to keep your avatar (that drops fireballs) alive.

I used nape for physics, and a joystick plugin.

Here are the links:


Android - Google Play:

Youtube gameplay: https://youtu.be/E1vv0MfFk0c

All comments are welcome.

PS: Btw, my first game ([Showcase] [Game] Rail Draw, a casual game for android & iOS) reached 350k downloads on Google Play.

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350k downloads! you are really a good game dev!, any recomendation of how you achieve that? (:slight_smile:

Not really sure. Same game have 350k on Google Play vs 2k on App Store so it may be related to ASO.

It’s hard to tell what makes a game go viral, and I think that’s because there’s no single thing. Lots of little details can make or break a game.

My advice is to watch the Extra Credits (start here), as well as this post (or at least the final section of it). Then just try to make the best game you can.