Should it be possible to use multiple Tilesets in the same Tilemap?

It seems like it should be, since you can set the Tileset independently on each Tile.

In practice, though, it seems to break. I have a Tilemap populated with Tiles using my “background” Tileset, and it works fine. When I add a character Tile using my “character” Tileset, however, things get weird: Many background Tiles don’t render at all, and the character Tile (when it renders) appears corrupted. The character Tile works if I remove the background Tiles, and the background Tiles work if I remove the character Tile.

Any ideas? I really hope I don’t have to squash all my assets into a single Tileset, but I need everything in the same Tilemap to properly layer things in the z-buffer.

Maybe this commit will help?

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Hah! That definitely sounds like what I’m seeing. Guess I’ll just wait until the next release. Thanks!