Should I use openFL for native Android app?

Hej all !

First, happy new year for all !

Then, I’m sorry, I come with a little weird question : I wonder If I should use openFL to build an Android App that will mainly deal with Android native code or maybe use only haxe/java or nothing at all and learn native Android ?

I mean, I’ve never build an native Android App without using Haxe, I always used Haxe/openFL for that and I even don’t really know what environment should I use to start an Android App, so I thought I could just use what I know a bit (openFL) and it will be ok ?

Tha App I want to do is a kind of ring-captcha : When a call comes into my phone, I want it doesn’t ring but it answers and plays a vocal message saying something like “press 5 to ring” so the caller has to press 5 then the phone really rings for me and I can answer or not then.

I don’t know if it’s clear, but as you can see, there is almost nothing to do with openFL, I just want to use openFL because I know a little the environment and how to build…

Any advices are welcome.


I see the advantages of OpenFL as 1) you have a display and UI system that’s easy to use, and 2) you have the option of going cross-platform to iOS more easily. If you have an alternative for 1) and don’t require 2), then perhaps one of the other options (haxe/java or pure java) makes sense.


You need to create extension for this. And I’m not sure that haxe or Java can do this.

Hej !

Why I couldn’t do that please ?

O! Sorry, I read some stuff, about tonal signals in phone. And It’s posible on Java. So need to create extension for Openfl or use Android Studio.