Should i use HaxeDevelop?

I am using it but i guess most of people using built in compiler. What do you recommend?

Not sure what you mean by that.

Sorry, i was misunderstanded somethings. Now the question is what editor do you prefer? Haxedevelop sometimes getting stuck at showing variable definitions etc…

I’ve switched to VSCode a while ago.


I use HaxeDevelop on my pc, and intelliJ Idea on my mac and they are pretty comparable, if I had to choose a winner, I’d choose HD because it’s free.

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I use FlashDevelop or HaxeDevelop on Windows, Sublime Text currently on Linux, VS Code sometimes

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Using Haxedevelop on windows and IntelliJ Idea Community on Linux.
Pretty satisfied with both.
Tried VS Code with the plugins but didn’t manage to get it to work for me, probably need a step by step tutorial.

I use VSCode as well, work very well, high quality, cross platform, unlike haxedevelop, which also messy

I only got VS Code working as an editor, for building/testing I just used command line instructions. If there is a way to debug or setup build types to hotkeys, I never found out how. It is a nice editor to have in general, though

Yep, same here. Got code completion working but didn’t manage the rest to work. Weird.
Felt like it was a nice editor though.

I use just Flashdevelop - PC only, (I came here from Actionscript, so have been using it for a while) - it does kick up a stink about Haxe versions sometimes, but you can ignore that. I’ve not heard of Haxedevlop before this thread !

I just found out about haxedevelop a few weeks ago, and started using it a few days ago, I haven’t noticed a single difference yet, and Google results don’t seem to provide many answers for this.

It is a rebranded version of FlashDevelop

Perhaps it will change more in the future, but at the moment, they’re synonymous :slight_smile:

Maybe they just shouldn’t have the language in the name, and just call it [BrandName]Develop in case they keep branching out to other languages

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True, I mean they changed because of the language name already once, it’s fair to think it might happen again :smiley:

I use HaxeDevelop now, switched recently from FlashDevelop, It’s just the same, I got auto-completion working & things like renaming over multiple files references which is so great.
I use Sublime on mac, but I don’t code with it.

Try this task file. You can bind “run task” to a hotkey of your choice, which will bring up a list of options. You can pick an option by typing a few characters from the task name, and then press enter to build the project.