SharedObject get lost on Android app update


Maybe someone had similar problem and could fix it.
Some of my users are complaining that after updating the game from Google Play they lose all the local stats and settings.
I store everything in the SharedObject and it seems to work fine for my test devices, but looks like some devices behave differently.

Is there a way to make sure that user’s settings stay intact after update?

On the SharedObject save location there was a change some years ago, afair. But thats probabaly not whats affecting you now.
Dont know, i use it like this and havent had complains about something the last years.

public static var _gameOptions(get, null):SharedObject;
  private static function get__gameOptions():SharedObject {
    if( _gameOptions == null ) {
      _gameOptions = SharedObject.getLocal("gameoptions");
    return _gameOptions;

Yep, I’m doing the same.
Don’t know why some players are complaining, maybe they uninstall and install again, instead of just updating.
Thank you!