SharedObject crashes android app while saving string with cyrillic symbols

We have encountered strange behavior of the SharedObject on the android platform. We are trying to save a string (about 4000 characters) that contains several сyrillic characters. And this sometimes leads to crashes.
The only thing we could find out is that if there are 5 Cyrillic characters in a row, then there are no crashes, and if there are 6, then it crashes with 100% probability.

Scudo ERROR: misaligned pointer when deallocating address 0xaab4a384

We are trying to save an encoded json with player data. Cyrillic characters can be found in nicknames.

Hmm, this is likely related to other issues in regards to cyrillic. As a workaround, if you want to support cyrillic characters, you can encode them into a supported format when writing and decode them when reading.