Shader filter without a texture

Hello, I’m still new to OpenFl, and I wonder, if there is a way to use shader filter on Bitmap without BitmapData, in case if the shader doesn’t really need a texture?
Using the null value for BitmapData doesn’t work (the bitmap isn’t shown, I think it’s probably because get_height() and get_width() return 0 when bitmapData is null).

Hmm, I’m not sure. I think we usually have an input because we can chain filters, and the incoming bitmapData will actually be a framebuffer

Makes sense. Also DisplayObjectContainer’s require at least one child to call the filter, and what about the generic DisplayObject, can one set the bounds manually to make the filter run?

Why not a “empty”/1Pixel BitmapData like
"new BitmapData(1,1) ;"

Thank you, the workaround does the trick!