Shader crash on different computer [next]

target: cpp/neko next
os: win10 x64

I set the shader by, and everything works fine on my PC.
Then I tested the same build on another computer (laptop) with the same OS and got crash.
I am sure that the issue is related to shaders, because shader is turned on / off by the button

Probably on the computer must be installed some minimal libs, drivers, etc for shaders?

P.S. i wanted to use crashdumper for more info, but it doesn’t support “next”

This a reason we have been working on ANGLE support for Windows, been considering it by default, but saw performance drawbacks on some systems, but it helps with consistent GL shader support. I have a laptop that shows similar problems, I wish I knew the exact cause – but its generally related to certain types of shaders or framebuffers

I was one of users who had performance problems with ANGLE (on Lime 2.8.0 as I remember). But now, I tried to go to dev version OpenFL and Lime, made lime rebuild to ANGLE, and … I want to stay, I did not notice the difference! Just a little different/wrong color reproduction; Not so smooth fading effect (; also i made a little fix for my custom shader, because it is not displayed.
I can check my issue from this topic only tomorrow, but I believe that it will work :slight_smile:

@singmajesty Finally I was able to test on the same laptop, lol xD.
And yes, all problems solved. Thank you, Next+Angle is great.

I found another issue with sharedobject saves, which does not work without administrator privileges ._.