Setup problems in Ubuntu 14.04

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to install OpenFL on a Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine, I can install haxe using apt-get, I can fetch lime, hxcpp and openfl from haxelib install [name], but whener I try to setup OpenFL, I get this error:

Anyone has experienced the same, or has solutions for this?

If you are installing newest OpenFL than maybe you should try installing newest Haxe too. In Ubuntu 14.04 repositories Haxe version is quite old compared to newest stable release.

have you tried this

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I tried all the solutions above,
I now fixed it by download the install script for the homepage (I never did it because I thought it was an old installer),
I now have a bunch of other libraries as well so maybe I had missed some dependency.

thanks anyway :smiley: