Setting a txt file, image, etc in a different folder from assets

I was wondering if there’s a way to set, load and stuff outside the assets folder.
I was trying to do it myself but I don’t know how to do it so any help would be appreciated

Your options can depend on the target and what you’re attempting to accomplish. can be used to load in local or remote files and data. The assets api is strictly confined to work under certain parameters.

Oh, Yeah I forgot to talk on what I want to accomplish lol

I want to make like a dependent assets but different from assets, like assets and mods

This is for the library polymod, Which can bring a great experience modding if made correctly.

But basically yeah, an independent folder which you can add files and images and stuff, like ‘a second assets folder’

sure just specify some path in your project xml

<assets path="otherAssetsPath" rename="assets2" />

and then access it how you normally would eg Assets.getBitmapData(“assets2/somePngAsset.png”);

Ok. nvm, I just had a broken polymod library and I just made it, Works very good!
But thx anyway @Dimensionscape!!