Set target device for IOS

Hi, I am trying to build for ios targeting ipad only. I have tried changing UIDeviceFamily in info.plist after building which results in the app failing to install correctly afterwards (but it states correctly ipad only). I’ve also used -ipad command when building it, but I think that only work for simulator. Any ideas?

I solved it by building it with xcode

You should be able to keep your modified plist file, and make a template file, so when OpenFL builds, it uses your plist file, and not the one out of the standard templates. OpenFL currently is designed to support all devices for a target platform

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Something still isn’t working right for me here. When I run lime test ios -simulator -ipad, I still get the app running in a simulated iPhone. Is there something I need to change to convince the app to launch in an iPad simulator?

This was lost in an update to ios-sim, it used to support basic flags for “ipad” or “iphone” but now it’s much more complicated, I removed it for fear of breaking support on systems that might not have the simulator I’m coding in, etc.

You can take a look at the options here, and maybe there’s a way we should be handling this:

Will do, thanks. If I can figure out the right options for ios-sim, where in the OpenFL toolchain are those options specified, so that I can play around with modifications?

It should be in this file:

“Lime rebuild tools” will rebuild the tools if you make changes to it


I implement a fix here :