Server-side Hashlink setup

Hello friends, I am interested in opinions on how to accomplish the following:

  • Have an OpenFL HTML application deployed on a server, with a typical assets directory (done).
  • Have a similar OpenFL application (shared code) compiled to Hashlink which is able to use the same assets directory. I am open to other server-side targets but this seems to be the most viable so far.
  • Execute the Hashlink binary from an existing local Node.js application within Docker (don’t know how to do this), then have the binary quit when finished its procedures

Would it be best to convert all this to use multiple Docker containers? I’d prefer to leave the top bullet in place and figure out the rest, but only if that’s actually easier.

Since the top bullet is served with Apache, would I be better off pursuing a solution using mod_neko?

Looks like it’s also an option to compile to Javascript (not Hashlink) and have the Node.js application load it as a module. Load "Vanilla" Javascript Libraries into Node.js - Stack Overflow

So many options with Haxe, that’s what’s overwhelming me right now. :slight_smile:

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For the record we reached a solution which has the Node.js and Hashlink inside a single Docker container and the assets get duplicated at compile time.