Send an email to via gmail smtp server?

I am trying to send an email through my app and have been looking at mtwin Smpt. After entering all my my login info I get this error:

Error : SmtpAuthError(Authorization with 'login' method not supported by server)

mtwin.mail.Smtp.send(, '[email protected]', '[email protected]', 'My Message',587,'[email protected]','xxxxxxx' );

What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps it is this:

Doesn’t look like that is it. Is there a library other than this one to send email from your own app using an smtp server with STARTLS security? I tried smtpmailer and that does not seem to work either. Plus I am not sure if it works with windows and mac targets.

smtp mailer throws this error:

Not supported on this platform

Sometimes SMTP ports are blocked on a system, but Google might also be upset about proper SSL authentication, or something else.

I tried it on a completely open server and still no go. With either of these libs. This is driving me nuts. This is the last part of my app to complete it and of course it’s the one part giving me trouble.

Can you make a call to PHP to send an email for you?

Didn’t want to go that route but I don’t think I can avoid it. The app is supposed to be able to send messages from the user’s email server and account.

We might have to dig deeper into the requests and responses made in order to determine why a connection is not being made.

I wonder if there is anyone who still maintains that code?

There is definitely an issue with ssl. I managed to send an email with localhost without a user name and password. When setting SSL or STATTLS the connection is refused.

Smtpmailer has commits as of last year but mtwin has not been active since 2009.

What API does it use?, haxe.Http, …?

I believe it’s using the haxe api.