Select a tile behind a pawn?

In a board game, I use the buttonMode = true; property of the sprite tiles to select my tiles. Howhever, when a pawn is placed on one of my tiles, I can’t select it anymore as this is the pawn tile sprite, on top of the tile, that received the focus. So is there some simple solution to propagate the focus and click event on the tile that is behind the pawn? I don’t want any of my pawn to directly receive the focus and click event, just the tiles of my board, event if they are masked by another sprite on top of them. Is it possible?

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pawn.mouseEnabled = false;

If that isn’t enough, try these as well. (Add them one at a time until it works.)

pawn.mouseChildren = false;
pawn.parent.mouseEnabled = false;
pawn.parent.mouseChildren = false;
pawn.parent.parent.mouseEnabled = false;
pawn.parent.parent.mouseChildren = false;
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Oh perfect. with just pawn.mouseEnabled = false; it works fine. Just like I wanted. Thanks for the quick reply