Segmentation fault


So, I have a neko project running on Ubuntu on VirtualBox.

It’s meant to be a server, with connections from websockets clients, connections with local applications etc etc.
A nightmare when it comes to logs.

So I wanted to turn it to an OpenFl application, and make some information appear orderly in a window.

The neko application runs.
The OpenFl application runs ( if I do nothing in it ).

If in the OpenFl application, I launch Main.main() ( the base function of the neko application ), it runs for a while, and I then get a Segmentation fault…

It doesn’t seem to append at a specific line of my code…
But I have a lot of multi-threading, so it’s hard to know for sure.

If anybody has an idea of what would be going wrong, I need some hints.

Does it work better if you do neko.vm.Thread.create(Main.main); instead of calling it directly?

That’s already what I do.
But I did try directly calling it, I got the same result (and of course the main thread is stuck).

Well, I noticed some OpenGl errors.
They seemed to come from the VirtualBox Ubuntu Guest additions.
I uninstalled them and now everything works fine.

Annnnd it’s gone…
I saw some progress, but it still ends up failing.

I guess I will try to run a separate project and communicate with it through sockets or something.