Segmentation fault on Galaxy S2

When I tested my game on an older device (Galaxy S2), it crashed without message. Debugging showed a segmentation fault similar to the one on this post: Crash on older Android devices
I’ve tracked the error back to the Tilemap, which I was using for particle effects. When I disabled it, the error stayed away. In the above post, there was a link to an experimental fix (in Shader.hx), that so far seems to work well for me:
Now I wonder if that fix could affect behaviour on other devices?
The reason I ask is because that fix is not part of the official OpenFL branch.

OpenFL 7.1 was released yesterday, and includes fixes to older Adreno GPUs (tested on a Galaxy S4) as well for the Tegra GPUs.

Go ahead and download the latest versions of Lime and OpenFL, and see if that fixes it for you :grin:

Okay, after investigating, I now realise that I may have been on the wrong track. I’m investigating it a bit further.

I’ve now updated to version 8.0.0 (dev version), and thus far I didn’t have this problem anymore.

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