Screen redraw and TileMap scaling issues after upgrade (HTML5)

Hey folks,

Maybe someone’s come across this and can save me some debugging time.
I just upgraded my project to OpenFL 8.7.0 (I think it was on 8.4.1 previously, but didn’t take a note…), and some stuff is pretty broken in the HTML5 endpoint.

First, the screen doesn’t seem to be refreshing properly when DisplayObjects are removed from the stage with removeChild. They just stick around, cluttering the viewport. Moving DisplayObjects around still works just fine.

The other weird thing is that my TileMap-based background is now scaling way too tiny. It only takes up maybe 1/8th of the space it should (and did, pre-upgrade).

I tried rolling back to OpenFL 8.4.1, which fixed the refresh issue, but not the TileMap scaling issue. Theoretically, if I get OpenFL and Lime back to the versions I had before, everything should go back to normal, no? Am I missing something?

I just tested an Android build, and everything seems to be working as expected. WAT.


Looks like all the errors are due to a setting I had in my project.xml: <haxedef name="dom" if="html5" />
I’m not sure exactly why I was forcing DOM-based rendering, but I’m sure I had a very good reason at the time. I took that out, and everything’s working again. Is dom-based rendering still supported? If my experience was any indicator, it appears to be pretty broken right now.

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Thanks for the heads up! We are in the process of writing additional testing, so we can verify OpenFL’s features (including DOM) more often, and prevent regressions

UPDATE: I found the displayObjectContainer.removeChild regression, now it looks a lot better, but we’ll try and keep DOM rendering in the rotation for testing more often :slight_smile:

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