Scaling MovieClip crashing my app


My app has a movieclip which needs scaling using a slider. When I scale it to about 300% the app crashes. I am not sure about the reason as I do not see anything wrong with the code. Please see if you could help.

Here is the code which I’m using.
This is When my class initialises

var field = Assets.getMovieClip( "field:field" );
field.cacheAsBitmap = true;

This is how I scale it at a later stage on change of slider
field.scaleX = field.scaleY = valueFromSlider;

Hi Ankur_Arora.

This is a bit hard to say without seeing your actual project.
Does it also crash if you do something like:
field.scaleX = field.scaleY = 4;
What platform are you targeting?

Could you share a striped-down version of your project which showcases the issue?

Hi @obscure, Based on what I’ve observed, if you have vector of a big dimension in my case it is 789px X 592px (it is movieclip in my SWF) which is made up of certain elements such as background color (movie clip), lines (another movie clip) and when it is scaled using simple scaleX/Y OpenFL isn’t great handling such vectors. It is either laggy or sometimes crashes.

I am trying hl, mac or anything for that matter.

Sorry, I can’t provide you an isolated running example.

It will be good to get some insight on how vectors are rendered/treated within OpenFl. From the looks I can tell it is not as efficient as Flash/Flex used to be but correct me if I am wrong on that?

Thank you