Scaling issue in latest release? (OpenFL 4.5.3)

Is anyone else experiencing a weird issue when performing both scaling and rotation on a display object after updating to OpenFL 4.5.3 and Lime 3.6.0?

If I do something like the below example the image becomes stretched and distorted. I would expect it to scale up uniformly while rotating - which it was doing before the update.

// in init
test = new Bitmap(Assets.getBitmapData(“test.png”));
test.scaleX = test.scaleY = 0.3;

// in update
test.scaleX += 0.05;
test.scaleY += 0.05;
test.rotation += 0.01;


Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

We did not used to return negative scaleX and scaleY values as desired, but our fix was incorrect if the object was rotated. I have made a fix that properly returns negative scale values (if that is how they are set), but also is compatible with all sorts of rotation. I’m sorry for the trouble!

Here is the commit:

I’ll release this soon :slight_smile:

Great, thanks so much for the quick response.

…and it’s released :grinning: