Scalin' up for IOS from a swf

Hi - I don’t have a mac so I’ve been building app from a bat file in windows pointed at a swf - fine when the swf is generated in flash (it converts & scales up the vectors) - but more problematic since I moved to haxe and started using spritesheets.

THAT SAID about 5 months back I remember sticking a build of a scrolling shooter made in OpenFl through the same process and something I did autoscaled up the game to fit on my Iphone4s (even through the game was 480 x 640)

BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER how I did it ! - It wasn’t a case of scaling up the sprites in the code, or using a different spritesheet - it was something really simple in the main class or in the project xml

Can anyone point me in the right direction ? I cannot believe I forgotten what it was and it caused me no end of grief the first time around :smile:

cheers, KB

ps. I don’t think it was putting fullscreen = “true” in the project xml btw, I have that already.

Ah - I’m a dipship - It was a flash display scale thing. Duh. Sorry folks x

Will delete this when I find the delete button.