scale9Grid being reset on vector sprite

Hi everyone,

I import a sprite from SWF that contains only vector graphics. I then set the scale9Grid property of the sprite and 9-slice scaling works as intended. However, whenever I tweak the width/height or scaleX/scaleY properties of the sprite, the 9-slice scaling turns off by itself and in order to enforce it back, I have to either set the cacheAsBitmap property to false and then to true, or to call the invalidate () function of the sprite. It is not a big deal to do it either way, but I was wondering if this is the intended behavior or a bug?

As a side note, in my case the 9-slice scaling works only when the cacheAsBitmap property is set to true, even though the sprite contains vector-only graphics. This is somewhat weird.

Interesting! I had similar issues, but I wasn’t able to decipher why/when it was happening like you did, so I ended up assuming 9-slice simply wasn’t implemented and gave up on it!

Sorry that’s no help to you, but it’s been a great help to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I investigated the situation further and figured that what I wrote above is the case for Neko, but it does not work for HTML5. I was not able to make 9-slice scaling work for HTML5 no matter what I did. Were you able to make it work on any target besides Flash at all?